JavaScript Developer Required

We are looking to hire a JavaScript Web Developer.

The Role:

Our scripts are currently running on 200+ e-commerce websites and allow us to deliver our products to our clients via JavaScript. You will be helping to write JavaScript code that helps us to improve our applications

You must have experience in writing JavaScript application code and understand different browser in-compatibilities. Due to the code being run on multiple websites it must take into consideration coding standards as well as

You will be working daily with the Sales and Account Managers to help with any custom client setups and ongoing update and maintenance work.

Required Skills:

  • Great Knowledge of JavaScript/jQuery and creating JavaScript applications
  • Good Knowledge of Angular JS (Mainly 1.6+)
  • Good knowledge of how to Manipulate the DOM
  • Good knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3

Beneficial Skills:

  • Basic Graphic design experience
  • Understanding of PHP/MySQL backend code may also be very useful


This will be dependant on your experience

Type of Role:

This is a Full-Time role.


**** No Recruiters at this stage please ****

About Smarter Click

Smarter Click is an international performance marketing partner, creating smarter results for its clients and partners through technology and expertise. We help our clients grow their online sales and find new customers for their businesses through our combined prospecting and retargeting technology, which enables us to engage with customers at all stages of their journey to a conversion.

Through our continued focus on innovation and our desire to build a world leading product for the industry that delivers a clear ROI for each and every customer, we now work with many advertiser brands covering a range of industries and are connected with all the major UK, European and international affiliate networks.

Our powerful combination of performance based remarketing solutions, coupled with a team of digital marketing experts, ensures we deliver smarter results that help our clients to maximise the investments they make in digital marketing.


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Why work at Smarter Click?

Working at Smarter Click is stimulating, challenging and fun. We pride ourselves in offering an environment where everyone can contribute and make a difference to the success of our business.

We are a young, dynamic company that has built a strong UK and international presence in a short space of time.

We care about our employees and it is important to us that everyone is appreciated and well treated. We encourage an environment where creativity, communication and idea-sharing are highly valued. We recognise that our employees are the key to our success and with this in mind we offer competitive salaries and benefits as well as the opportunity for every employee to grow with us.

What are you waiting for? Come and join us and feel the excitement.