Smarter Devs Wanted – Front End Role Available!

Come and join our awesome team…

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We are looking for Smarter Developers to Join our awesome team… We want great talent and in return, we will give you a great career full of opportunity to use the latest technologies.

What we want from you as a person:

Skills – We are looking for both Backend and Front End Developers to join our team. See opposite for the skillsets we are looking for both the roles.

You as a person – We have a fun and dynamic team, and to us, it’s just as important that your personality fits in well with the team as it is that you have amazing coding skills. We are fast paced and we want you to be quick off the ground.

Thinking outside of the Box – We are currently pretty small, extremely agile and have plenty of room for manoeuvre, we need our staff to have the ability to think for themselves and come up with great ideas. Although we will undoubtedly offer you training we are looking for developers who do not need hand-holding every step of the way.

You will be the type of coder that enjoys working with the team, and likes to interact with others, if you’re the type of person who prefers to sit in a corner then this role is not for you. Sorry!

Front End Skills:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Vanilla JS
  • jQuery
  • A love of JSON
  • Object Orientated JS approach
  • DOM Manipulation with JS
  • CSS Animations
  • Understanding how to create simple JS Apps/Games will be a massive plus
  • JavaScript Graph and Chart skills highly beneficial
  • Angular.js or React.js or Vue.js skills welcome but not required

Back End Skills:

  • PHP 7.0
  • Linux
  • MySQL / Aurora
  • Setting up Amazon EC2 Instances
  • Knowledge of Elastic Beanstalk
  • Redis, APC or Memcached
  • Dynamo DB
  • Machine Learning
  • Uploading to S3 Buckets
  • MySQL Stored Procedures

Front End Developer:


THIS ROLE HAS NOW BEEN FILLED. Our main customer-facing JavaScript code uses Vanilla JS to keep our filesize as small as it possibly can be.  We also rely on Libraries that are built into our client’s websites, because 99% of our clients still use jQuery we make use of it to run any custom features our client’s request from us.


THIS ROLE HAS NOW BEEN FILLED. Your Primary Role will be providing the first line support for our Account Management and Sales team, helping them to make CSS or JavaScript tweaks to any of our client’s setups. These can be as simple as adding extra functionality to a web form or as complex as helping to write a mini-game or application using the Canvas.


THIS ROLE HAS NOW BEEN FILLED. Your Secondary Role will be helping to build and maintain code that is running on our client’s websites. Using your Vanilla JS skills you will understand how our applications work and build new features into them ready to roll out in the next release of our products.


Although knowledge of PHP and MySQL backend coding skills are not a requirement for the front end role, they will be of benefit to your application to this role.

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Apply Now

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Back End Developer (ROLE NOW FILLED)


THIS ROLE HAS NOW BEEN FILLED. At Smarter Click we started off using just LAMP, so at the core of your skills, you will need to understand how to use Linux, MySQL and PHP. Now that we have moved over to using Amazon AWS you will also have skills that enable you to setup EC2 instances within AWS and set them up to correctly communicate with Relational Databases, Non-SQL Databases and caching systems.


THIS ROLE HAS NOW BEEN FILLED. Your Primary Role at Smarter Click will be to help design and build the backend for any of our new data collection systems, and although PHP is mainly used, this is by no means the only technology we are looking to use.  As a backend developer we want to welcome your understanding of new technologies to help us grow our systems.


THIS ROLE HAS NOW BEEN FILLED. Your Secondary Role will be to help optimize existing code to gain more speed and look at reducing CPU loads, as well as re-writing core parts to help us expand our systems. You must be security conscious and understand and keep up to date with common industry standards and regulations, as well as being “in the loop” with understanding new and/or existing vulnerabilities to keep you on your toes.




Learn the Smartest of Technologies with us…


Here at Smarter Click, we like to make use of any emerging new technologies and we want you to also learn how to make use of them as well. At the core of our Systems, we use Amazon AWS to host and serve our content to our users. With over 300+ websites now serving our scripts and plugins, we are starting to get quite a nice chunk of traffic going through our servers and we use AWS to help us handle this traffic and grow accordingly.

You will learn some or all of these technologies when working for us:

Amazon EC2

Learn how to spin up EC2 Instances and deploy any amount of servers to help crunch through data or simply to try out new things and have a play.


We use Amazon RDS to spin up your Relational Database Servers such as MySQL or Amazon Aurora Databases… you will also become familiar with how to spin up ultrafast RDS instances in no time at all

Elastic Beanstalk

Learn how to spin up Elastic Beanstalk applications which Automatically deploy more servers to handle your applications as the load increases.

Machine Learning

We want to Use Machine Learning to try and predict user behaviour on the fly or to match use case scenarios… you will be at the forefront of this new AI and machine learning technology.


Use Redis as a Database Cache to help speed up common data requests as well as helping to reduce the load on the database servers.

AWS Redshift

Learn to use Redshift to process Terabytes of Data using massive parallel query execution on SQL files stored in S3 Buckets.

Dynamo DB

Use Dynamo DB to handle data for millions of users at sub-millisecond speeds.

Polly & Lex

Use AWS Lex, Polly and Rekognition deep learning to listen and react to speech commands, talk back to users and performs actions based on image recognition

What other Smarter Tech will you be using…


  • Vanilla JS – Here at Smarter Click we ask our clients to install our Tag Manager script which is all our own Tech written in Vanilla JS to keep the file size as small as possible.
  • jQuery – Because jQuery is still a very popular library used on 95% of our client’s websites we use their jQuery as and when we can instead of loading external versions. This allows our clients to use their own Custom jQuery within our technologies
  • Angular JS – If you have experience in Angular JS then this will be beneficial as we will look to be rolling our Angular applications
  • React JS – Same as above we are looking to use this great library for new areas of our site and applications.
  • Vue JS – Also, the same as above we are looking to use this great library for new areas of our site and applications.

PHP – Our current server platform is written using PHP 7.0 as the backend technology and although we understand there are newer and better technologies out there, PHP still has a huge amount of resources available and is a long-standing and very popular technology.

PHP APC Cache – One feature we have been taking advantage of is PHP’s APC Caching because this allows us to have the individual Elastic Beanstalk servers running their own local (short-lived) cache and fall back to our Redis or MySQL servers much less frequently to reduce the load.


HTML5 – is without a doubt so mainstream these days in browsers it’s not worth supporting older browsers (in our opinion), and therefore we actively block old browsers and make full use of HTML5’s capabilities.

CSS Animations – CSS is now fast enough and flexible enough to completely make Flash a thing of the past, we want you to make use of standard CSS animations such as Animate.css as well as create your own.

DOM Selection – You will either have an excellent ability to manipulate the DOM and hunt down elements with your coding =^skills, and if not you will learn this with us and become a DOM Jedi.


We love Linux – Having said that, we certainly do not hate Windows at all, but we are definitely way more Linux based. Our Servers all use Amazon Linux AMI, which although is arguably more locked in than other flavours to some hardcore Linux Power User, it works perfectly for us coming from a CentOS/Redhat background. We will want you to be knowledgeable of Linux, and you will also learn some amazing skills with us.


Python – We will look to be using Python for certain areas of our applications, so if you are skilled in this it will be beneficial.

Ruby on Rails – We will look to be using Ruby for certain areas of our applications, so if you are skilled in this it will be beneficial.

Vue.js – We will look to be using Vue.js for certain areas of our applications, so if you are skilled in this it will be beneficial.