Smarter Click Remarketing Services

Smarter Click specialise in full user journey re-marketing services. We manage client campaigns on performance metrics to increase their conversions, reduce their abandonment rates, and drive new customers.

How does it work?

Re-engage with the customers leaving your website through our intelligent remarketing software.

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Smarter Overlays

Display highly targeted overlays to visitors leaving your site, offering an incentive to remain on the site

Smarter ReMail

Recover lost revenue with basket abandonment reminder emails

Smarter Notifications

Smarter Notifications enable you to engage with visitors who have left you website through Browser notifications.

Smarter Optimisation

Smarter Click specialists continually optimise campaigns for maximum performance

How Can Smarter Click Help You?

Smarter Click specialise in cutting-edge remarketing services. We work with online advertisers, just like you, to reach out to more customers and win new business using a range of performance based remarketing and retargeting tools

Smarter Overlays

Our powerful on-site technology intelligently displays targeted Overlays to the overwhelming number of visitors who abandon your site every day without spending a penny.

We help convert those leavers into buyers—increasing your conversion rates and profits.

Smarter ReMail

We don’t stop there. Even if a user leaves, our email remarketing can put offers directly in their inbox.

That’ll reduce your basket abandonment rate and help you recover lost revenue with our automated, personalised email campaigns

Smarter Browser Notifications

When a user comes into your site, they are prompted with a branded browser notification asking if they want to be prompted with offers/deals or if a product comes back into stock for example. Our research suggests that 70% of customers will accept the notifications.

The user browses your site and then leaves without converting.

Smarter Click can use their technology to build out multiple campaign messaging depending on the user’s journey too and through the site and tailor campaigns so the messaging is personalised to the users.

Smarter Dashboard

The Smarter Click Dashboard gives you visibility and control over the campaigns running on your website. Access all components of your overlay, make changes, add rules and monitor the results in real time as the overlays and email remarketing services deliver powerful conversion results.

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